How to declutter like Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo and her KonMarie method of decluttering is taking the world by storm. With four books and a series


6 ways to set your pricing strategy

Few property conversations evoke as much passion and worry as setting a price for the sale of your home or


7 tips to feng-shui your home

Embracing the ancient Chinese spatial laws of feng shui is a leap of faith for those who don’t believe a


11 tips to help deal with a deceased estate

Selling the home of a lost loved one can be painful but it doesn’t have to be traumatic. Here is

deceased estate

An overview to selling a deceased estate

Selling a deceased estate can be heart-breaking as well as a complicated experience but understanding the process and some of


Why you need a signboard

A strong signboard has the potential to generate great interest in your property from the first day it goes on


How to spot trouble in a 1970s home

Back in their day, homes built in the 1970s were the height of sophistication and design-smarts. But now they’re coming


9 tips to feng shui your apartment

Feng shui is a powerful strategy when trying to sell your apartment and can add thousands of dollars to its


8 quick tips to negotiating a sale

It’s natural to be anxious when selling your home even when you have the best real estate agent on your


5 top tips to help you sell in Winter

There is no perfect time of the year to sell a property, so forget what you’ve been told about the

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