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9 ways to achieve Hamptons style

Hamptons-style homes are luxurious and airy – perfect for Australia yet created half a world away on for the coastline of Long Island, New York. Their elegant, timeless embrace of natural timbers, natural light and outdoor living has made this design approach hugely popular and a high-value choice for renovators. Hamptons homes are immediately recognisable…
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7 ways to embrace shabby chic

Shabby chic is the perfect interior design to make a statement on a limited budget. But striking a balance between elegance and Bohemian requires some preparation to understand what looks great and what looks just plain old shabby. Shabby chic should provide a vibe of care-free relaxation without feeling fussy or contrived. Also known as…
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7 ways to keep your renovation on track

DIY television shows can lead you to believe that a renovation can be completed over a weekend, but the reality usually takes a lot longer, and involve some stress before you’ll reap the rewards. Here’s our guide to minimising the drama. 1. Do your research One of the greatest risks with a renovation is overcapitalising,…
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6 reasons to choose bamboo flooring

Few facets of a home have a bigger impact than beautiful wooden flooring. It offers a flowing, rich beauty that gives each room a sense of belonging to the rest of the home. With interior design trends now focused on the values of nature and wellbeing in the home, wooden floors are a healthy alternative…
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6 reasons why we love 70s homes

Unique, rebellious house design was as good a reason to love the 1970s as any fondue dinner party, David Cassidy album, Farrah Fawcett hair-do, or pair of flared jeans. Architects broke away from convention in the 70s, designing homes that did not conform to a style beyond being eclectic and original. While these homes eschewed…
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10 tips for a top laundry

The laundry is no longer the little room at the back of the house that you try to hide away. It has become a focal point for modern buyers who want an organised workspace rather than an indoor junkyard of everyday junk that doesn’t have a home elsewhere. An average of six hours each week…
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Should you render your home?

Rendering is one of the most popular options to brighten the street appeal of a brick house. Over the past decade, many suburbs have had their character fundamentally changed by owners who have either rendered existing houses or rebuilt with a render finish. Render gives a home a modern appearance and is worth considering if…
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Life’s a beach with a coastal garden

It’s a wonderful feeling to sit in a coastal garden and enjoy the distant metronome of waves crashing on the beach. Beach houses with a cleverly designed coastal garden leave an indelible impression, especially on prospective buyers seeking a new home in a beachside suburb. A coastal garden is a stunning asset for the property.…
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Why heritage homes love tuck pointing

If you own one of Australia’s favourite architectural designs – Federation, Queen Anne or a Californian bungalow – then you’ll likely to know all about tuck-pointing. It’s the art of restoring bricks, mortar and stonework by grinding back loose or compromised materials and replacing them seamlessly so your home looks as good as new. The…
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10 ways to brighten your fence

Garden fences are a reality of life but that doesn’t mean they have to be an eyesore or boring. You can use to brighten your border with a variety of approaches. Conventional methods to hide an ugly fence, including bamboo screens, vinyl panels and fast-growing vines. Or, you can give your garden an additional splash…
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