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6 reasons to choose bamboo flooring

Few facets of a home have a bigger impact than beautiful wooden flooring. It offers a flowing, rich beauty that


6 reasons why we love 70s homes

Unique, rebellious house design was as good a reason to love the 1970s as any fondue dinner party, David Cassidy


10 tips for a top laundry

The laundry is no longer the little room at the back of the house that you try to hide away.


Should you render your home?

Rendering is one of the most popular options to brighten the street appeal of a brick house. Over the past


Life’s a beach with a coastal garden

It’s a wonderful feeling to sit in a coastal garden and enjoy the distant metronome of waves crashing on the


Why heritage homes love tuck pointing

If you own one of Australia’s favourite architectural designs – Federation, Queen Anne or a Californian bungalow – then you’ll


10 ways to brighten your fence

Garden fences are a reality of life but that doesn’t mean they have to be an eyesore or boring. You


Why green is the go-to colour this season

Green is back thanks to interior designers who are embracing eco-fashion. New house designs and renovations are being dominated by


Fireplaces are a hot item with buyers

Few features warm the hearts of prospective property buyers more in cooler months than a fireplace. From a purchaser’s perspective,


12 quick tips for choosing a builder

A methodical approach is needed for choosing a builder for a renovation or new construction project. Word of mouth is

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