Property Management


9 tips for choosing a property manager

Local knowledge is hard to beat when it comes to choosing the right property manager to handle your rental property.


10 tips for finding a great tenant

Finding a good tenant isn’t easy, but an experienced property manager can help you overcome the challenge. It’s essential you


10 ways to be a top tenant

Seeking a great rental property can be a challenging, even demoralising experience at times. Suitable properties might be thin on

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How to find good tenants quickly

An investment property that sits empty for weeks will burn a hole in your pocket. Avoid this by working with


11 secrets to being a stress-free landlord

Selecting a tenant for a rental property always carries an element of risk. A bad choice can cost thousands of


How to become a ‘rentvestor’

Rent-vesting is an increasingly mainstream strategy for those seeking to break into the property market or expand their portfolio without

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