How to declutter like Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo and her KonMarie method of decluttering is taking the world by storm. With four books and a series

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6 reasons to choose bamboo flooring

Few facets of a home have a bigger impact than beautiful wooden flooring. It offers a flowing, rich beauty that


10 tips for a top laundry

The laundry is no longer the little room at the back of the house that you try to hide away.


7 tips to feng-shui your home

Embracing the ancient Chinese spatial laws of feng shui is a leap of faith for those who don’t believe a


11 tips to help deal with a deceased estate

Selling the home of a lost loved one can be painful but it doesn’t have to be traumatic. Here is


Life’s a beach with a coastal garden

It’s a wonderful feeling to sit in a coastal garden and enjoy the distant metronome of waves crashing on the


Why green is the go-to colour this season

Green is back thanks to interior designers who are embracing eco-fashion. New house designs and renovations are being dominated by


Why succulents are sensational when preparing for sale

If you’re a low-maintenance gardener, then the resurgence in the popularity of succulents is sensational news. Succulents are a perfect

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7 ways to embrace Scandinavian style

Scandi interior design is said to be the most popular in the world, finding a huge following of those who


9 tips for a fashionable bedroom

Fashion has gone minimalist in the bedroom department. Styles and themes for the bedroom are constantly changing. This year, designs

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