7 tips to feng-shui your home

Embracing the ancient Chinese spatial laws of feng shui is a leap of faith for those who don’t believe a


11 tips to help deal with a deceased estate

Selling the home of a lost loved one can be painful but it doesn’t have to be traumatic. Here is

deceased estate

An overview to selling a deceased estate

Selling a deceased estate can be heart-breaking as well as a complicated experience but understanding the process and some of


Should you render your home?

Rendering is one of the most popular options to brighten the street appeal of a brick house. Over the past


Life’s a beach with a coastal garden

It’s a wonderful feeling to sit in a coastal garden and enjoy the distant metronome of waves crashing on the


Why heritage homes love tuck pointing

If you own one of Australia’s favourite architectural designs – Federation, Queen Anne or a Californian bungalow – then you’ll


10 ways to brighten your fence

Garden fences are a reality of life but that doesn’t mean they have to be an eyesore or boring. You


Why green is the go-to colour this season

Green is back thanks to interior designers who are embracing eco-fashion. New house designs and renovations are being dominated by


Why you need a signboard

A strong signboard has the potential to generate great interest in your property from the first day it goes on


Fireplaces are a hot item with buyers

Few features warm the hearts of prospective property buyers more in cooler months than a fireplace. From a purchaser’s perspective,

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