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We have more than 100 articles and add fresh new content regularly across all our categories.

Buying tips

Tips and advice on how to find and buy the perfect property and the steps you’ll need to go through. 

Preparing for sale 

Our range of articles around preparing your home for sale cover projects big and small you can do to maximise your sale price and make selling less stressful.

Finance & mortgages 

General information about the decisions you’ll need to make to get a mortgage or refinance your home. Plus news updates.

apartment articles


Information about the apartment market, including inspection and strata advice, lifestyle benefits and buying off-the-plan.

Selling tips

Insights on the best time to sell, how to choose an agent, things sellers should consider and check lists of what you’ll need to do to get ready for sale.

For sale sign


How to improve and restore different styles of houses, valuation insights and the benefits of land and gardens.


Insights into how to make better investment decisions, key things to know and tips on how to select an investment property.

Design & Trends

The latest trends in design, architecture and style to inspire renovations and help prepare homes for sale.

latest living room trends

First home buyers

Articles that step through buying for first timers including how to budget, savings tips and how to choose the perfect first home.

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