5 ways to declutter your home

Decluttering your home is essential if you've made the decision to sell. Here's where to start.

There is never a better time to have a major clear out than when you make the decision to sell. Why? Well because if you don’t deal with the clutter, you’re going to have to pack it and move it into your new home – and no one wants that! Here’s our room by room guide to decluttering

  1. Living room

Because we spend so much time in our living rooms, we tend to stop seeing some of their faults which will be blatantly obvious to someone walking in for the first time. One of the most common mistakes of living rooms is to over-furnish them with too-large sofas and big television units. Move this furniture out – either sell it or put into storage – and replace with something lighter and brighter that complements the space.

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